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Microbiological monitoring

JCRB Laboratory Animal Resource Bank is periodically monitoring microbiological status of our animal colonies in all rooms (four times a year).

In rooms for general research uses, sentinel animals are placed in each room and used for the monitoring.

In rooms for maintaining breeding cores of strains, some animals, mainly retired ones, per strain are selected for microbiological monitoring.

Microbiological examinations are being conducted by an outsourced organization, ICLAS Monitoring Center, Central Institute of Laboratory Animals.

List of pathogens

Culture Citrobacter rodentiumfour times a year
Corynebacterium kutscherifour times a year
Mycoplasma spp.four times a year
Pasteurella pneumotropicafour times a year
Salmonella spp.four times a year
Serology Clostridium piliformefour times a year
Mycoplasma pulmonisfour times a year
Ectromelia virusfour times a year
LCM virusfour times a year
Mouse hepatitis virusfour times a year
Sendai virusfour times a year
Microscopic analysis Ectoparasitesfour times a year
Intestinal protozoafour times a year
Pinwormfour times a year
PCR Helicobacter hepaticusfour times a year