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Strain Detail: Gnat1-/- RPE65Leu450 mice

Strain information
Resource No. nbio421
Strain name Gnat1-/- RPE65Leu450
Strain Nomenclature
Common name/Synonyms
Strain types mutant
Background strain C57BL/6J
Institution National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center (JAPAN)
Developer Shinya Sato
Depositor Shinya Sato
Conditions of distribution without conditions: contact us
Animal Health Report
Strain description

Mice deficient in the rod transducin α subunit (Gnat1). The mice are useful for analysis of the response of cone photoreceptor cells, as rod photoreceptor cells of the mice do not respond to light. In addition, the 450th residue of RPE65 in the normal C57BL/6 is mutated to methionine, resulting in reduced RPE65 enzyme activity, but in this strain, the residue is returned to leucine (RPE65Leu450) to restore activity. RPE65Leu450 was derived from the 129 line ES cells (W9.5 cell line) used to create knockout mice. The RPE65Leu450 allele was left behind in the process of creating C57BL/6 congenic mice from mice derived from 129 ES cells (W9.5 cell line) containing Gnat1 knockout alleles. As a result, the increase speed in visual sensitivity in the dark is restored.

Resource information
Cryopreserved sperm In-house Genotype Gnat1: homozygous, RPE65Leu450: heterozygous
Medium Fertiup
From other institutions Genotype
Cryopreserved embryo In-house Mating System
From other institutions Mating System
Strain status / Availability Cryopreserved sperm Within 1 month
Cryopreserved embryo
Live animals Approx. 2 months
Gene information
Mutation types knockout/mutant
Gene symbol Gnat1, Rpe65
Gene name G protein subunit alpha transducin 1, retinal pigment epithelium 65
Genotyping information