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Strain Detail: Importin α3 / KPNA3 KO mice

Strain information
Resource No. nbio351
Strain name Importin α3 / KPNA3 KO
Strain Nomenclature
Common name/Synonyms
Strain types mutant
Background strain
Institution Laboratory of Nuclear Transport Dynamics, National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition
Developer Masahiro Oka
Depositor Masahiro Oka
Conditions of distribution

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Animal Health Report
Strain description

Importin is a protein transporter that binds to a specific amino acid sequence called the nuclear localization signal / sequence (NLS) and is responsible for carrying the protein into the cell nucleus. It consists of two subunits, α and β. The α subunit is responsible for binding to NLS. This strain is a mouse in which one of the α subunits, Kpna3, is knocked out. It is useful for studying cell nucleus transport.

  1. Miyamoto Y, Sasaki M, Miyata H, Monobe Y, Nagai M, Otani M, Whiley PAF, Morohoshi A, Oki S, Matsuda J, Akagi KI, Adachi J, Okabe M, Ikawa M, Yoneda Y, Loveland KL, and Oka M. (2020) Genetic loss of importin α4 causes abnormal sperm morphology and impacts on male fertility in mouse. FASEB J 34(12):16224-16242. [PMID:33058343]
Resource information
Cryopreserved sperm In-house Genotype
From other institutions Genotype
Cryopreserved embryo In-house Mating System
From other institutions Mating System
Strain status / Availability Cryopreserved sperm
Cryopreserved embryo
Live animals
Gene information
Mutation types knockout
Gene symbol Kpna3
Gene name karyopherin (importin) alpha 3
Genotyping information