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Strain Detail: EL mice

Strain information
Resource No. nbio002
Strain name EL
Strain Nomenclature
Common name/Synonyms
Strain types inbred
Background strain
Institution National Institutes of Biomedical Innovation, Health and Nutrition (NIBIOHN)(formerly, National Institute of Health)
Developer Kiyoshi Imaizumi
Conditions of distribution without conditions: contact us
Animal Health Report
Strain description

The EL strain is albino mice found in the process of researching spontaneous brain edema mice by Imaizumiet al. at the National Institute of Health in 1954 (Ref. 1). Epileptic seizures are easily induced in EL mice by stimuli on the postural change such as tossed-up movement. EL mice are considered as models for human complex partial seizures following secondarily generalized seizures (temporal lobe epilepsy) by study of the electroencephalogram. The strain name was formerly written "El", but presently it's recommended to write "EL" according to rules for nomenclature of mouse strains. Especially, the young males must be carefully bred because they often develop urinary retention. The strain is effectively bred using the slanted cage we invented. We also show that the low protein diet (CE-7, CLEA Japan) is good for reproduction efficiency.

  1. Imaizumi K, Ito S, Kutukake G, Takizawa T, Fujiwara K, Tutikawa K (1959). Epilepsy Like Anomaly of Mice. Experimental Animals 8(1):6-10.
  2. Imaizumi K, Nakano T (1964). Mutant stocks, strain El. Mouse News Letter 31:57.
Resource information
Cryopreserved sperm In-house Genotype
From other institutions Genotype
Cryopreserved embryo In-house Mating System
Medium EFS40
From other institutions Mating System
Strain status / Availability Cryopreserved sperm Within 1 month
Cryopreserved embryo Within 1 month
Live animals Approx. 2 months
Gene information
Mutation types spontaneous mutation
Gene symbol
Gene name
Genotyping information