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Strain Detail: RP58 KO mice

Strain information
Resource No. nbio054
Strain name RP58 KO
Strain Nomenclature
Common name/Synonyms
Strain types mutant
Background strain
Institution Department of Immunology, National Institute of Infectious Deseases
Developer Masataka Kasai
Depositor Masataka Kasai
Conditions of distribution Only for collaboration with the depositor: contact us
Animal Health Report
Strain description

RP58 KO mice are knockout mice deleted for all exsons of mouse RP58 gene (full-length ; 4 kb).

These mice are postpartum lethality and observed abnormal layer formation of cerebral cortex neuron. That is, these mice are observed outside-in the layer formation of cortex with deletion of sub plate layer whereas normal mice have six aligned cell layer regularly from cortical layer in the cerebral cortex. These mice are also observed serious symptoms in the process of differentiation of cerebral cortex neuron or pathway formation between cerebral cortex and thalamus. It's considered that this strain is important model mice to comprehend molecular mechanism of brain formation.

  1. Okado H, Ohtaka-Maruyama C, Sugitani Y, Fukuda Y, Ishida R, Hirai S, Miwa A, Takahashi A, Aoki K, Mochida K, Suzuki O, Honda T, Nakajima K, Ogawa M, Terashima T, Matsuda J, Kawano H, and Kasai M. (2009) The transcriptional repressor RP58 is crucial for cell-division patterning and neuronal survival in the developing cortex. Dev. Biol. 331(2):140-51. [PMID:19409883]
Resource information
Cryopreserved sperm In-house Genotype
From other institutions Genotype
Cryopreserved embryo In-house Mating System
Medium EFS40
From other institutions Mating System
Strain status / Availability Cryopreserved sperm Within 1 month
Cryopreserved embryo Within 1 month
Live animals Approx. 2 months
Gene information
Mutation types knockout
Gene symbol Rp58
Gene name zinc finger protein 238
Genotyping information