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Strain Detail

Strain information
Resource No. nbio194
Strain name EdnrA-EGFP
Strain Nomenclature
Common name/Synonyms EdnrA(EGFP/+) mice, ETAR-EGFP mice
Strain types mutant
Background strain C57BL/6Cr Slc
Institution Department of Physiological Chemistry and Metabolism, Graduate School of Medicine, University of Tokyo
Developer Hiroki Kurihara
Depositor Hiroki Kurihara
Conditions of distribution In publishing the research results obtained by use of the biological resource, a citation of the following literature designated by the depositor is requested. It's necessary to obtain depositor's consent on use of biological resources. : contact us
Animal Health Report
Strain description

It's getting known that endothelin receptor type A (Ednra) which is one of the endothelin receptor known as endothelium-derived vasoconstrictive peptide plays an important role of the development of tissues derived from neural crest in the embryogenesis. Ednra knockout mice are observed the anomaly of mandible development in the stage of maxillofacial development and cardiac formation in the stage of cardiovascular development, and Ednra homozygous knockout mice die immediately after birth. This strain introduced EGFP into Ednra allele is able to visualize Ednra-expressing cells and useful for the observation of Ednra-expressing cells in the fetal stage. This strain is C57BL/6Cr Slc gene background. It's possible to supply EdnrA-LacZ mice introduced LacZ in the same method.

  1. Sato, T., Kurihara, Y., Asai, R., Kawamura, Y., Tonami, K., Uchijima, Y., Heude, E., Ekker, M., Levi, G., Kurihara, H. (2008). An endothelin-1 switch specifies maxillomandibular identity. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 105, 18806-11. PMID: 19017795
  2. Sato, T., Kawamura, Y., Asai, R., Amano, T., Uchijima, Y., Dettlaff-Swiercz, D.A., Offermanns, S., Kurihara, Y. and Kurihara, H. (2008). Recombinase-mediated cassette exchange reveals the selective use of Gq/G11-dependent and -independent endothelin 1/endothelin type A receptor signaling in pharyngeal arch development. Development 135, 755-65.  PMID: 18199583
  3. Asai R, Kurihara Y, Fujisawa K, Sato T, Kawamura Y, Kokubo H, Tonami K, Nishiyama K, Uchijima Y, Miyagawa-Tomita S, Kurihara H. (2010). Endothelin receptor type-A expression defines a distinct cardiac subdomain within the heart field, with a later implication of this signaling pathway in chamber myocardium formation. Development. 137, 3823-3833.  PMID: 20929948
Resource information
Cryopreserved sperm In-house Genotype
From other institutions Genotype
Cryopreserved embryo In-house Mating System
Medium EFS40
From other institutions Mating System
Strain status / Availability Cryopreserved sperm Within 1 month
Cryopreserved embryo Within 1 month
Live mouse
Approx. 2 months
Gene information
Mutation types knockin
Gene symbol Ednra, EGFP
Gene name Endothelin receptor type A, enhanced green fluorescent protein
Genotyping information